Day 1 of Sports Clinic

Today we were up nice and early again! We were up at 5:30 and had breakfast at 6:00. It was delicious and there was fresh pineapple and watermelon! All the food we have had at AMCA has been delicious. We left at 6:30 to go to Los Cuadros Christian School. We had three groups from 1st-3rd grade. The groups ranged from 5 kids to 22. We all loved the kids! They were all so loving and patient with us since we don't all speak Spanish :)  We played clothes pin tag, cone soccer, pinney tag, and dodgeball. After the clinic we went back to AMCA and had lunch. We had salad, cannollis (lasagna), and something that was sort of like cornbread.  After lunch we headed to Los Guido Christian School to their after school program. The kids were in 1st through 3rd grade and there were 28 kids. It was a ton of fun! We played the same things as we did in the morning.  My favorite part is when we would play clothes pin tag.  It was funny to see how the kids would make up their own rules for each of the games!  After the clinic we went back to AMCA and then headed to the park by the house! We all wanted to go on the exercise equipment that they had at the park! They were all really fun. We then played soccer together and while we were going over to the grass to play Kim started talking to some people and found out that she went to school with the guy in Venezuela. What a small world and what a big God we serve!! We had a lot of fun playing soccer and 6 Costa Rican boys came over and joined our game after a while. It was us against them and we actually didn't do to bad!! Of course they were showing off and trying all these fancy moves but we were able to hold our own.  We then went back to AMCA and had dinner. Which of course it was delicious! We had rice and then a potato, meat, and veggie dish with chocolate muffins for dessert! I personally am loving getting dessert each day and having the fresh fruit drinks at every meal:) We finished off the night with team time and playing uno. Overall it was a great day and we all had lots of fun! We appreciate all of your prayers and hope you will keep praying for us as we continue working with the kids!