A Walk in San Jose

Buenas dias!

Today was quite an exciting day! We slept in nice and late with a wake up time of 8:30, and started our adventures, as always, with an amazing meal at 9. We finished breakfast and, after a short morning devotion, headed off to the city of San Jose.

Our first stop was the huge Costa Rican soccer stadium where we took about a 3 mile walk in the park surrounding the stadium. We then drove into the heart of San Jose, where we experienced a traditional Costa Rican market and the reality of Costa Rica's weather- the rainy season! We got the chance to dry off a bit though, when we sat down at a typical Costa Rican restaurant. We each got rice, beans, caramelized bananas, coleslaw, a potato-meat dish, corn on the cob, and your choice of either chicken (pollo), beef (carne), pork (cuerdo), and fish (pescado). It was delicious! I also found my new favorite fruit: Guanabana. Everything was absolutely delicious!

After our meal, we shopped at more stores and bought lots of gifts :). Our next and final experience was going to a Costa Rican Walmart! It's shocking just how different something like a Walmart can be when in a different country. It was a really awesome experience!!!

We concluded the night with a filling dinner and some great devotion and fellowship. God has worked so much in this trip already, and its only the second day! Thank you all for all your prayers and support, they are powerful and effective (James5:16). And now we're off to bed for an early morning tomorrow!

Hasta luego! Dios te bendiga,