The One with a Volcano

Today we woke up early and drove two hours to go zip lining in the canopy. To say it was a wonderful experience would not do it justice. Over the course of 11 zip-lines, we went from hillside to treetop back to hillside, with a few surprises in the middle. Our favorite surprise was not doubt the Tarzan swing. They hook you up to this long cable attached to a really high branch, and they literally pull you up and push you out over the ledge. It was a wild ride. 

To finish the zip line they suited us up in these jumpsuit looking harnesses and we flew superman style across the valley. This was definitely the longest and the best view of the whole experience. A few of us paid pictures and videos, which we look forward to sharing with you when we return. 

After the canopy tour, we hopped back in the bus and headed towards a volcano. At the base of the volcano is a resort, home to several hot springs. After a buffet lunch of chicken, pasta, fresh  fruit (I could really get used to fresh fruit), and delicious desserts, we changed into our bathing suits and tested the waters. Picture a water park, with different pools that have different temperatures of water. The most popular feature, at least for the guys, was the water slide. This was a brutal slide that literally threw you into the water. It was rated to send you down at about 27mph. However it felt closer to 50 when you we in it. It had a turn that got you airborne in the the tube and you couldn't be sure where you would end up the bottom. 

After the hot springs we hoped in the bus for the long ride back to San Jose. These rides truly test the patience of the team for each other. They also provide some of the best bonding experiences as well. We arrived safely "home" to a dinner of burgers and potato wedges. 

We ended our night with team time where a few shared their testimonies and we prayed for them. We sang several songs together which was a wonderful experience that we will hopefully repeat later in the week. 

Until next time,