Church, Mall, Soccer

Today we had the pleasure of worshipping with our brothers and sisters at CED. It was a wonderful experience where the music was obviously in Spanish, but did not lack any power in the message. It was encouraging to see the people so passionately praising our Lord and Savior. The sermon was equally powerful, the pastor preached with incredible conviction and the translator even mimicked his movements and hand motions. The sermon was on being expectant of God's miracles. Like Elijah when he went to the widow, we should move by faith, even though we don't know where or what God has around the corner. 

We went to a local mall for lunch and ate with some of the people from church. Apparently many of them go there every week. The mall had a food court, where so of us ventured to try new things, while others stuck to more familiar (U.S.A.) brands. After lunch we gave the teens the chance to walk around the mall and explore. Most everyone came away with something. Go figure. 

After the mall we came back and changed quickly to go play soccer with some people from church. Originally it was supposed to be some of the teens from the church, but ended up being mostly people who have some investment in Push The Rock here in Costa Rica. It was a challenging game, played on an indoor turf field. We battled hard and only lost 3-2. 

Ice Cream came next - a popular spot here in Costa Rica, Pops. It was a nice little treat before we came back to the AMCA house for dinner. Following dinner we had our team time and prayed for each other. We also sang a few songs, one of them being one we sang this morning, only this time in English. 

Tomorrow we are back in the full ministry swing. We have 3 rotations at the school and then we are cleaning up around the school. Pray for us as we continue to work as a team and fight off the temptations to be short and irritable with one another.