Ministry Monday

Today was another early day as we headed back to the school to run another clinic. We were greeted by a very energetic crowd. It was a long morning as we worked with three rotations. 

In the beginning of each rotation, we introduce ourselves and have the kids try to remember them. It is fun to see them get halfway down the row and then forget a name. With each rotation it seems to be the same names, either Brandon, Rileigh or  Shawn. Three of us shared our testimonies with the different groups. 

Between the second and third rotation, we helped move a bag or rocks, stack and organize desks and sports equipment. We also tried to help organize the attic space, which we will be doing again tomorrow too. After working for about 15 minutes we broke for lunch and ate sitting on the steps of the school. It was entertaining to eat while the kids ran up and down the steps. 

After lunch we ran our third rotation and left the school. We made a short stop at a shopping district to look at stores for souvenirs and then to a grocery store for more snacks and soda. We returned to the AMCA house and played card games before dinner. 

Looking forward to another day of ministry tomorrow. Can't believe that were are on the last couple of days of our trip.