Take Two Tuesday

Today we returned to the school we were at on Monday, Linda Vista Christian School. It was fun to return because we were able to see many of the kids that we saw and connected with previously. In between classes they have about a 20 minute break to play in the gym area. During that break we played soccer and handed out candy. 

Today we had grades 1-3, which were definitely harder to control, because they didn't listen well to instructions, but they we fun because they were so full of energy and smiles. We ran three rotations, playing games like clothes pin tag, pinney tag, cone soccer and dodgeball. We ended each session with a students vs coaches soccer game. 

The kids made quick connections with our team. Many of them coming back again and again during their break. They gave us hugs, climbed on us, and one girl kept barking and meowing at me. Needless to say many of them stole our hearts and will hold a special place forever. 

In between our second and third rotation, we did another service project. This time all of us were in the attic space organizing the supplies there. We found out that the headmistress is in love with all or most of the supplies up there so we kept most everything and just organized it. It wasn't all bad except the heat, the bad smell that gave the impression something died up there and the small work space. 

After our work at the school was done we went back out to the market to buy some more souvenirs. After some people found what they were looking for there we wanted to walk done a pedestrian area with different stores and shops. We stopped briefly to feed some pigeons and while trying to take a video of Mason begin swarmed by birds, I was viciously attacked by one. I survived and so did my phone when I dropped it. 

It's hard to believe that we have one more day of ministry here in Costa Rica. It has definitely been a wonderful experience. We are all excited to share with you when we get back home. Thank you for you constant prayers and thoughts for us this past week.